Key West (FL 2007: Day 1)

On the road again...
our first day in FL, we roadtripped from Miami Beach to the Keys. this is the weird bridge/highway between the two that's called like A1A or A1 sauce or something.

we thought of anna...turtle power! there were so many cute kitschy things on the side of the roads like mailboxes in the shape of 5' manatees wearing grass skirts and hawaiian shirts and huge gaudy purple octopus and mermaid statues.

even the official self portrait picture taker.

the 1 was amazing. miles and miles (almost 3 hours) of crystal blue water on both sides of this bridge with a view of several keys (or cays or cayos, or basically little islands typically found in the caribbean and off the coast of FL).

i had an urge to jump out of the car, swim ashore and live on this island.

or this one! so beautiful.

quickly say the name of a key we stopped at...
get it? little ducky?!

from little duck key, i got a prettier view of one of my islands.

the original 7 mi. bridge. it isn't used anymore these days by cars, but by fishers and pedestrians although there are chunks of it that are corroded by rust and age.

mika strutting her stuff on the 7 mi bridge. you can see the new one we were driving on to the right.

about to risk my life to swim in the delightful waters. before jumping, mika reminded me that i could swim at the bahia state park instead...

the meeting of both old and new (bridges)

i believe this is where the bugs began feasting on our bodies. but let's focus on the scenery instead, shall we?

lots of dried up crunchy kelp and junk, but soft to walk on, and the water oh so warm!

rum raisin & key lime pie ice cream at the key west ice cream factory: the key lime pie had bits of graham cracker crust that were moist and chewy and the cream had just the right amount of tartness. the raisins were juicy with rum...sooo good!

giving love to the southernmost point of the US

beautiful key west from the end of white street pier

cooling down. seems like we take lots of pictures of our feet when we travel together...

lazy cat outside a local supermarket. mika thought he was dead at first, but he was just hot. dead hot.

tucson is on here

shaking hands and getting acquainted with mr. sponge monster

lots of wild chickens and baby chicks! there was one baby chick cheeping about later that night because it was lost...all the women that heard its cry stopped to help find its mommy...amazing how powerful maternal instincts are

conch fritters: a bit like hush puppies with chewy seafood tucked inside.

had to have key lime pie in key west! (what it needed was real whipped cream or meringue and none of this foo foo raspberry sauce)

the sunset...kind of...we almost missed it completely (i forgot the name of the bar on the pier...)

obi wan're my only hope!

it was suffocatingly hot all day. by the end of the night, all i wanted was my bottled tea to be we snuck into a hotel's garage and found their ice machine. the ice didn't fit in the heads of the bottles but we easily solved that by jamming the cubes in there good with our fists.

Ernest Hemmingway's pad. His cats are known to have 7 toes.

what a way to end the night with a kitschy shell statue at a shell station. ah, key west.

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