Peach and Strawberry "Charlotte"

Adapted from the Trader Joe's Soft Lady Finger's Recipe on the box. Turned out light and elegant. A charlotte is usually made in a mold and this and that, but I guess this is more like a fruit tiramisu? Who knows what it is...Susanne and I called it "Strawberry and Peach Deliciousness". (Not related to or affiliated with "Deliciousness Itself".)
24 Soft Lady Fingers
12 oz. strawberries (we used defrosted frozen strawberries)
4 T OJ or lemon juice (or any juice handy)
6 oz. peach yogurt (of course, you can use any flavor or even plain if you'd like)
6 oz. whipped cream
4 T sugar
Puree the strawberries and add juice.

Mix the whipped cream, yogurt and sugar. Taste the mixture. If making your own whipped cream, or using plain yogurt, you might want to add 1 T more sugar, if using pre-made whipped cream, or using sweetened yogurt, maybe cut down on sugar. It's always best to taste a bit before using.

Dip the Lady Fingers into the juice. If they are not soaking up the juice enough, you can thin out the juice with water. We liked to put them under the juice till no air bubbles come to the surface, or when the Lady Fingers started feeling soft on the outside

Layer the Lady Fingers on the bottom of an 8x8" pan or a bowl. Layer with 1/2 the mixture, then another layer of soaked Lady Fingers. Then the remaining 1/2 of the mixture.

Decorate with fresh fruit on top or defrosted frozen fruit. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Gross!!! They look like sausages!!!!!


vicky said...

ahahaha! sausages are good :) i want to try this b/c i have a can of reddi whip. hope it works

vicky said...

ah i shall attempt this end of oct when tjs gets their lady fingers in store <-- it's seasonal!