Chicken & Green Chili Enchiladas a la Gallarda

This was the dish that impressed Anna's dad. WHAT A FEAT! I adapted this recipe from Jen Gallarda's enchiladas recipe. I miss that family.

If buying a roasted chicken, discard skin. If you choose to cook your own chicken, you can either boil it (not that tasty, but a lot simpler) or pan fry it. To pan fry, cut the whole breasts into pieces the size of a deck of cards, season the outside with a little salt, then cook on medium heat with a little oil. When I made it this past weekend, the chicken wasn't fully cooked, but I shredded it and heated it a little more in the pan until no longer pink but not until it was overcooked and dry.

Great with a side of beans, corn, and Mexican rice.
1 roasted chicken, shredded or 2 chicken breasts, cooked and shredded
1 can of minced green chilies (4 or 6 oz?)
1 can of condensed cream of chicken soup
1/3 C milk
1/4 C chopped onions
10-12 flour tortillas (diameter should be about 9")

8 oz shredded cheese
2 Roma tomatoes, chopped
3 stalks of green onions, chopped
Sliced olives (optional)
Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix 2/3 can of soup, onions, chilies, about 2 Tbsp of milk and the chicken.

Mix the remaining 1/3 C of soup and a little bit of milk until it resembles a creamy sauce. Spoon a little into the bottom of a 13x9x2" Pyrex pan, enough to coat the bottom.

Spoon two spoons of chicken mixture into the center of each tortilla and roll up from one side to the other. They can be a little thin. They shouldn't be like burritos but not as thin as flautas. Place the enchilada seam side down into the pan.

Top with remaining sauce, cheese, tomatoes, green onions and olives. Bake about 25-30 minutes, or until the cheese is bubbly and melted.

Serves 8

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