Beautiful Finds

First installment of random little things that make me happy.

Nantaka Joy

What an adorable idea! The site says that you can order these little birdies to deliver the message wrapped in vintage cloth and in a box.

Cutie Pie Cookie Co.

I don't know how they get these designs on here. I don't even know if the colors are really natural, but excellent idea.

Taipei, Taiwan

I love the colors and the cute beady eyes!

Todos Santos Chocolates and Confections
Santa Fe, NM

The chocolates didn't taste that great, but the packaging makes up for it. Every box is so special. And the store was so eclectic and fun--a great selection of different chocolates.

Caterpillar Cake
Anna's Birthday 2004

Our last minute creation when my bundt cake exploded. Raisin eyes and candle antennas.

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