Chuck E. Cheese's with Kiana & Anna

Who'd a thunk Chuck E. Cheese would be so much fun still?! I think this location is way better than the one I grew up in, which was stinky and dirty. The greeter was so awesome! And by the way, the bread sticks and buffalo wings? Totally worth it.

1. Jurassic Park: the video game ride where you shoot at every dinosaur, even the innocent ones that pop up on the screen posing like models and are totally surprised when you shoot at them!
2. Air Hockey, always a thrill.
3. Shooting hoops in a giant SHOE! How cool is that?!

And of course...the most thrilling game EVER....the bee game!!! Look at those adorable painted ping pong balls! I mean, bees!

To conclude the day, my finger was stabbed by a nail. Kiana is actually displaying complete and utter horror and disgust in this photo disguised by a happy smile.

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Anonymous said...

hahahaha! complete horror and disgust... that's funny!