Glider Point & La Jolla Cove with Susanne y Angela

Angela, a sweet sister from Argentina, was in town after the Winter Training and I got to spend some time with her! It's so amazing to realize that the Lord is really moving and capturing all over this Earth for His universal body! All I can say is, "Amen!"

Climbing through rough terrain to get to the beautiful Glider Point view.

Next stop: La Jolla Cove to watch seals (los lobos de la marina? haha or as Susanne guessed, sea dogs?) I love how Susanne's feathery friend is chillin' in the back.

Angela also found some other creatures in the water like hermit crabs. We spent practically 5 min staring at one turned over crab pulling an "I've fallen but I can't get up!"

Meet Susanne's friend--they're almost twins!

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