2008 Fancy Food Show, San Diego

Partners in Crime!

This is part two in our food show escapade.
Lots of fun stuff happened that day:

Connected with Karen, my Chuao district manager. We shared life stories for a bit. I miss her.

Ran into John, the delivery man for Chuao. (Aka: the guy Krissy was endearingly called a home wrecker for.) He makes sauces too! It's sold under the label "Santa Barbara". After years of nagging, he realized the only way for peace was to give me a sample of his pesto. It was pretty tasty. Time to nag him for more.

Got a set of wine glasses for free!

Met Susanne's prom date from high school that now works for a tea company in Nor Cal. He was pretty nice--gave us free blooming teas on a string!

Met the owner to a BBQ sauce company (Sauce Goddess) that we love. She invited me to do demos for her too!

Came home with my huge pink purse, and two other bags filled to the brim with fondue chocolate & cheese, lara bars, chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, coupons for free stuff, yumberry drinks, chocolate milk, hi ball drinks, coffee, TEA, figs, crackers, chips, popcorn, ...

It was so much that this chef that walked by us made comments like
"Are those samples? Or are you shopping?"

And later, near the end of the show,
"There are shopping carts down over there, you know." *pointing at an arbitrary end of the convention center*

HAHAHAHA yeah, yeah...
Check out the fruits of our labor:

Ah, food shows. Excuse me, but I'm going to go build some biceps to prepare for the next food show in Anaheim.

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