Polenta with Sausage and Spinach Revisited

2.11.08: Ah, the random recipes we can throw together and fall in love with. Thanks Susanne for such a delish dish!

11.21.08: Made a second time...realized that if you use the same pan to cook the spinach after you've cooked the sausage, it will taste saltier than if you use separate pans or cook the spinach first with some oil and garlic...and the spinach gets super squishy. Hmm...

12.3.08: By George, I think I've got it!!! Using the method below is not only super quick, it makes cleaning the pan so much easier AND you don't get sauce drenched spinach...
1 jalapeno
olive oil
1 tube of already made polenta (Trader Joe's or F&E)
1 pre-cooked sausage (Cantella's Andouille Sausage)
2 C of baby spinach
Marinara sauce (Trader Joe's Vodka Sauce)

For a quick meal, heat up a pan or skillet with a little oil, just enough to give the pan a nice shine. (Definitely less than 1 tsp.) When the pan's hot, put the sliced polenta and thin slices of jalapeno on the pan and cook until polenta is a little crisp and the jalapeno browned and slightly withered looking.

On your plate put 2-3 T of vodka sauce and microwave. (If serving guests, feel free to heat up the sauce in a saucepan, first heating a smidgen of oil with minced garlic and then bringing the sauce to a simmer. Then you can plate the sauce onto each plate, about 3-4 T.

Push the polenta to the side of the pan and put a handful or two of fresh baby spinach on the pan and quickly stir around. You don't want the spinach to be completely cooked, just enough so it's not totally raw. Until it's barely starting to wither. Go ahead and put the spinach and jalapenos on the sauce then top with polenta!

And you can stop there if you're in a hurry or you can slice up some sausage afterwards and pan fry without any oil, then top.

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