Avocado Smoothie

YES! We've conquered the system! Even with avocados costing $1.50 at the store, we'd still be saving money! Goodbye Tapioca Heaven, Hello Susanne & Diana's In-house Boba Shop...Spectacular!

I know avocado smoothies sound disgusting (and I'm sure this picture doesn't help) but trust me--they are oh-so creamy and sweet!! Honestly, you haven't lived until you've had one. I mean, Ben and Jen Gallarda and Erica love them too! It's not just some freaky thing only Susanne and I like....
1/2 avocado
1/3 C condensed milk
1/2 C milk
8 ice cubes (approximately 1 C ice)
**You can also substitute the condensed milk for sugar.

Blend everything together. You can thicken or thin with more/less ice, more/less milk, and sweeten/thin with condensed milk to taste. Should be served with boba.

Serves 2

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