Gathering Manna in a Fresh Way

I always enjoyed that manna is small enough for us to eat and is like a seed, full of life (and not small like sand...full of...not life). But even more relevant, we need to be diligent to gather manna moment by moment. Once we have it, we can't save it since, "yesterday's manna can never be today's food; if we keep it, it will stink and breed worms...[GROSS!] We need to experience Christ daily and even hourly in a new way."

Everything, good or bad, even our old experiences of Christ need to be put behind us in order to pursue toward the goal. How do we stay on the lifelong pathway to run the race and pursue? In Hebrews 12, it's by looking "away from all things on earth unto Him, the heavenly Christ, who has sat down on the right hand of the throne of God...If we look to Him as such a wonderful and all-inclusive One, He will minister heaven, life, and strength to us, transfusing and infusing us with all that He is, that we may be able to run the heavenly race and live the heavenly life on earth." Heb. 1:3 & 12:2, note 5.

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