Miriam's Pan Cooked Banana Split

Desperate times call for desperate measures. In hunger-crisis mode, we ate what we could scavenge tonight--crackers, an apple and a banana. I have to admit, it was not too shabby. While munching, Miriam recalled a fancy version of a banana split. The recipe below is the fruit of our creative juices+gnawing hunger.

Cooking the banana in this way brings out its rich, warm, aromatic flavors making it slightly darker and deeper tasting.
1 ripe banana cut length-wise (the long way)
thin pat of butter, just enough to grease a pan
vanilla ice cream
optional: fudge sauce (I have a great recipe for this to be posted soon!)
Heat pan and melt the butter. Let warm up until slightly sizzling.

Lay the banana on the pan and let sit for 30 s until browned. Turn and brown on all sides.

Place on bottom of serving dish, scoop ice cream and top with peanuts and fudge sauce.

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Anonymous said...

Very delicious! I love bananas and plantains but I've never prepared them like this! Thank you!