Mung Bean and Rice Ball Soup Dessert

I learned this from my dad. This is also the basic rice skin for stuffing with a sweet sesame paste or a sweet peanut filling and then boiling. Those are sooo good. He seems to love making rice based desserts and food. I especially like the chewiness. Mmm!

The above picture is actually what it looks like before you boil it. Can you believe I rolled each one of those teeny tiny little balls with my paws?!??! Not so useless now, are they Vicky??
1/4 C mung beans (or red beans) soaked in warm water 4-6 hours or overnight
1/4 C rock sugar, or sweetener of your choice (agave nectar, honey, sugar)

1/8 C boiling water
1 package of glutinous rice flour

Discard the bean soaking water and fill a medium pot with the beans and water till it's a little more than halfway full. Bring to a boil, add the sweetener, and then lower heat to medium and let them cook until the beans are soft.

While that's cooking, mix together the hot water and 1 C of rice flour with a wooden spoon. Turn out onto the counter (I use a silicone baking mat for easier cleanup) and knead flour in until it's pliable and not sticky anymore. It should feel like silly putty, firm yet yields slightly.

Roll into little balls, whatever size you like. I like it when they're the size of marbles. Store them in a bowl with some rice flour in it. (Or, you can roll them into bigger balls, roll them out into a 3" circle and stuff some desired filling in it like peanut butter, canned red bean paste or canned black sesame seed paste, seal it up and boil!)

When beans are about ready, boil another pot of water and add rice balls to the boiling water. Don't add so much that they crowd. Let them cook until they float up from the bottom and then sink back down. Test so that they are squishy, not chalky and then they're done! Drain and add to the mung bean soup.

Serve hot or chilled.

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Anonymous said...

oh wow, I love how you made the rice balls - I'm lazy and buy them from 99 ranch ;) This dessert with red beans is fantastic too.