Strength for the Battle

In Deuteronomy 8:9, stones, mountains, iron and copper in the good land are for strength for the building and the battle. We need to be matured by experiencing Christ in these aspects. Some people remain enjoying Christ as water or milk which is good and rich, but not strong...

"Now take a stone, or a piece of iron or copper--oh here is something strong! It seems they [the ones enjoying Christ as milk or water] are not a stone, and no iron or copper is in them. You cannot fight with milk as a weapon. You cannot do battle with a piece of bread or a go to war with a fig. How ridiculous! You must have iron or copper; you must have something of strength" (p 77).

Hahahaha! I imagine someone going to war with a loaf of bread and taking bites out of it while running onto the battlefield.

However, I was reminded that in Psalm 23:5 says the Lord prepares us a feast in the midst of our adversaries. Thus, the battlefield becomes a place of feasting, and the battle is enjoyable!

from The All-Inclusive Christ

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