Thoughts on Flowers and That Sort of Thing

I was fervently ANTI-FRESH CUT FLOWERS. They're impractical. (I mean, they're beautiful and smell lovely, but after a week they're a brown smelly mess of goo. All that money for a fleeting moment of pleasure?  Hmph. The epitome of ephemerality!)

So that's why I surprise myself sitting here gently gazing at flowers. I used to think only girly girls did that, but what's so wrong with appreciating life? We were created to be attracted to life. (Or, maybe I am just a girly girl. Eh, I yam what I yam.)

As for the brown smelly mess, I realize everything bad comes to an end and so must everything good. I like to say, "Forget flowers! Gimme something to eat! Feed me!!" But even that enjoyment perishes. The worst part of a delicious meal is that it has to end. That's the way it is; heaven and Earth will pass away but His words shall by no means pass away...only He will endure and abide forever.

Lord, You are the reality of the beauty and enjoyment of all lovely, fresh, and living things in this universe. When we gaze on these things, may we be reminded of You.

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