Egg in a Hole

This variation of Mark's specialty dish (heart attack toast) cuts down on the butter from one stick of butter per slice of bread to a mere tablespoon. I was reminded to make this by Melody after a home meeting of delicious spaghetti, sausage and garlic bread. What a way to use leftovers!
sliced sourdough bread
garlic, minced
1 egg
Mix butter with garlic. Butter a slice of bread on one side.Using the top of a drinking glass (with a diameter of about 2-3"), cut out a circular hole into the bread.

Heat cast iron skillet at medium high and oil a little. Place the bread buttered side down into the pan and crack an egg into the hole. Flip when egg is firm and then top with parsley.

Toast the cut out piece in the pan when finished making the toasts and serve on the side.

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