A Birthday Thanks

The first time using this baby was for the hazelnuts. And then yesterday I used it, not once, but TWICE! How simple it was to blend the cream cheese...what ease with which it chopped the lemongrass and lime leaves!!! Amazing. A big hug, kiss, and thank you from me to all the wonderful sisters (and brother) who worked together to buy me my new love.

And a special thanks to Susanne--for listening, for conspiring. Seriously, I had no idea. When you asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told you that everything that I wanted I had, and that the only things I want are too expensive and are reserved for my wedding registry... (phew what a run on sentence) I never would have dreamed you'd actually buy it!!

You guys were all so verrrrry trrriiiicky (roll the r's and say with a Transylvanian accent). Jinny asking what food processor you should get for your wedding registry to find out what I wanted. And Miriam! Telling me that you wanted to work on the SD newsletter just to get me to your place for the surprise unveiling of the gift. And Priscilla!! Getting that hilarious dinosaur pinata???? You guys are all too much. Too too much.

XOXOXOXO to you all:

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