Japanese Golden Curry

Just the way grandma used to make: chock full of potatoes, veggies and thick--like gravy or mud. Mmm...muddy gravy.
1 yellow onion, chopped
1 medium russet potato, cubed 3/4"
1/2 C carrots chopped into coins
1/3 C frozen corn
1/3 C frozen peas
1 large chicken breast, cubed 1/2"
a boxed package of Golden Curry:

Boil a pot of water, enough to cover the potatoes and carrots. While boiling, heat a large pot, add oil and when heated add the onions, stir until fragrant and then add the chicken cooking until no longer pink inside.

Break apart the golden curry blocks and stir into the chicken, adding 1/2 C water to the pan to break it up.

Add the corn and peas, slowly adding some of the potato water into the curry mixture just to make sure it doesn't clump together or burn. It should be thicker than gravy, but not clumpy.

Drain the carrot and potato stuff and add to the curry mixture. If still too thick (to the point of almost burning), add a little more water, making sure not to add to much. You want to maintain that slightly thicker than gravy consistency and not soupy. Stir occasionally while it heats up.
**If it turns out too thin, you can add more curry or a beaten egg to it.

Serve hot over rice.

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