Cooking Fried Rice with Anna Lee's Mom 12/25/06

Anna's mom, Moreno Valley 12.25.06. Illegally stashing the fashion woman away in the trunk.

What a weekend trip to Anna's hood. Her mom taught us how to make fried rice, New Year's soup and a spicy tofu side dish (recipes and photos coming soon!) I can't get the rice to come out the way she made it, but eh...Anna said it was flavorful. That's good enough for me!

I guess this posting is more for me than anything else since someone looking at this thing won't be able to reproduce it. I will post pictures of the brand of broth as soon as I figure it out since that was key ingredient here.
Ground beef
White onion, minced
Frozen mixed vegetables (like corn, peas, etc.) defrosted in a bowl of water
optional: red bell pepper and other vegetables
Korean dried beef broth
Garlic salt
Rice, cooked and cooled
Green onion, as a garnish
Chile flakes/cayenne pepper, optional

Saute oil and onions over medium high heat, then beef. Add the veggies, broth and garlic salt. Mix in well.

Add the rice and then top with the green onion.
(Because the rice was hot, I heated oil in a separate pan, spread out a layer of rice on the pan and fried it until it was crunchy and browned, then added it to the veggies/meat mix. It had a nice crunch.)

Garnish with green onions.

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