Enjoying Him Through Prayer

We should pray for the items that bring us into his presence. No matter how many burdens we have or how many difficulties we face, we should never pray according to these difficulties. Rather, we should pray according to God's initiation and presence.

We should first have a discussion with Him, asking Him if we should pray for a certain matter. All prayers should be initiated by God. He should be the one who initiates them within us.

This sort of prayer touches God and it mingles the praying one with God and joins him to God. The more a person prays this way, the more he breathes in God and the more God is added into Him. God dwells in our spirit through His Spirit. Hence, prayer is to turn to our spirit to breathe out, item by item, the things within us and to breathe in God.

The result of such a prayer is not only the accomplishment of the things prayed for--this is secondary. The main result is that when one prays this way, even in the process of his prayer, he receives God and enjoys God. The primary thing is that man gains God.

How to Enjoy God and How to Practice the Enjoyment of God

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