I am the Lord's! Oh joy beyond expression

Erica finally remembered Samson and Miriam's wedding song!! We hummed it together with Adalis in the kitchen tonight--the only words I could remember was that I am the Lord's! Oh joy beyond expression!! But what words they are.

Oh Lord, how every fiber of my being responds to Your sweet, gentle, assuring whisper with desire and longing for You. I surrender myself to You, and openly receive You as mine. Lord, teach me all it means to honor, obey, and love in this way...

I am the Lord's! O joy beyond expression,
O sweet response to voice of love Divine;
Faith's joyous "Yes" to the assuring whisper,
"Fear not! I have redeemed thee; thou art Mine."

I am the Lord's! It is the glad confession
Wherewith the Bride recalls the happy day,
When love's "I will" accepted Him forever,
"The Lord's," to love, to honor and obey.

I am the Lord's! Yet teach me all it meaneth,
All it involves of love and loyalty,
Of holy service, absolute surrender,
And unreserved obedience unto Thee.

I am the Lord's! Yes; body, soul, and spirit,
O seal them irrecoverably Thine;
As Thou, Beloved, in Thy grace and fullness
Forever and forevermore art mine.

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Ben Gallarda said...

We love that hymn...we should sing it tomorrow.