Honey Bacon Brie Panini

Our (Susanne and my) take on our (Susan Mun and my) favorite sandwich at Bread and Cie's. Good golly, Bread and Cie is so expensive and crowded yet so delicious. If you're ever there, check out their caramelized onion bread. Actually, all their bread is wonderful if you like crunchy crusts and moist, chewy, soft, fresh insides. Mmm....
Sliced country levain, ciabatta, or caramelized onion bread
Brie, sliced
Bacon, cooked
Walnut pieces
In a cast iron skillet, lay bread, brie, slices of bacon, walnut and generously drizzle with honey, and another slice of bread. Heat and press, flip and heat and press until brown on both sides. Serve immediately.

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