Legs or Arms?

It is now time to end the age-old question: would you rather lose your arms or legs?

That's easy-peasy to answer these days after incapacitating my hands by washing them to the point of dry and cracking, cutting my fingers with knives that had fallen in the sink at work, pinching my index finger closing the walk in freezer door resulting in a blood blister, burning my fingers in the oven, shaving a portion of my palm with a food processor blade, cutting my hands and arms innumerable times on who knows what...

I've done damage to my legs, hips and feet to the point of limping and crawling around, but I was always able to do all the fine motor tasks that I treasure. Today, I still have my arms and hands but these babies are useless!! I can't do anything without wincing or bleeding on something.

Which got me thinking...if I were to lose my legs right now, I would still be able to do all the hobbies I enjoy, even handstand push ups...uh, theoretically. I could even get prosthetic legs (depending on how much of my leg is missing). Then again, my feet can be pretty valuable in the fine motor skill arena--if I lost my legs, I wouldn't be able to pick things up and pass them with my feet, or perform the ever tormenting toe pinch.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that it's easier to lose your legs. No, no, no! Both are colossal losses that would require time, patience and perseverance to adjust. In both cases I would suffer phantom limbs, loss of freedom and independence, frustration, etc. It's more like asking which is more difficult to conquer? Learning how to cook and eat with my feet, or losing my mobility?

I'm just saying that since I enjoy sitting on my rear most of the time anyway and need my hands to do what I love, I choose to lose my legs over losing my arms. Easy-peasy, no?

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