Proclaiming the Jubilee

The scripture on the jubilee in Isaiah 60:1-2 is fulfilled in our receiving of a person (in Luke 4:18-21). The jubilee is a person, Christ! In Christ we are:
1. Free from bondage, slavery, suffering, anxiety, all dark feelings from Satan
2. Recovered back to our land, God

In the Jubilee, we have the kind of living that is full of
1. Salvation
2. Joy
3. Speaking

When we live this jubilee Christ, our enjoyment causes us to blow the ram's horn to proclaim to others liberty, yet we must proclaim it to enjoy it! Everyday, we must announce the good news! Don't worry about anyone getting saved. When you announce the gospel, there is a pouring in of Christ in you and a pouring out and I guarantee that at least one person will get saved--you!

I get discouraged because sometimes I don't see the results outwardly when I speak forth Christ, BUT the outward appearance is not the reality. There is something going on in them and even more amazing, there is something going on in me when I turn to the Lord in my proclaiming! The focus and the goal of my speaking is just Christ for me and Christ for others.

From the open meeting at the Winter Training in Anaheim
Message #8: The Enjoyment and Propagation of the Resurrected Christ as the Jubilee in Acts

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