My Guilty Pleasure

Did you notice the little grain of rice riding this slice of spam? So cute!!

Spam is one of the greatest inventions of the quickie food world (next to instant ramen); and I'm not just saying this because the economy is bad. Spam is good! When prepared just right, it's like a superhero mutant hybrid of bacon and ham!

People hate Spam because of anti-spam propaganda and because they don't know what to do with the slimy pale stump. Spam is simply misunderstood like oh...say, Frankenstein's creature.

"Ewwww...," you say? Never fear! I will teach you the way to enjoy Spam, so stop throwing up in your mouth and read on...

Spam tip #1: Buy the 50% Less Sodium Can
Sure, high blood pressure and that "it's-so-salty-I've-got-a-zingy-feeling-in-my-teeth" experience is fun, but with 50% less sodium you can eat even more before feeling queasy!

Spam tip #2: Never eat the thing raw

I always thought this was a no brainer. Just look at it!! All greasy, splotchy, sickly, gelatinous...Yuck! Merely looking at it could make the weak at heart wretch! I would never eat spam!!...raw. Please. A girl's gotta have standards.

Spam tip #3: Slice it thiiiiiin
Not paper thin, but pretty thin. Please refer to the photo. This will help it get crispy when cooked.

Spam tip #4: Lazy? Microwave it
I learned this on a trip to SF with Susan Mun. I know we swore that what happened in SF would stay in SF, but this tip is too good to keep to myself. Lay the slices of spam on two paper towels stacked and microwave for 15-45 seconds (depending on how thin you managed to cut them) until crisp.

Spam tip #5: Not as lazy? Pan fry
This is the ideal way. Heat a pan. Do not use any oil! Oil from the slices will ooze out and it will basically deep fry in its own juices. Wait until slightly darker and little bit of foam comes to the surface, then flip. It should appear to be a little soft, and only a little crispy but should crisp as it cools. When done, let it sit on a paper towel.

Spam tip #6: Eat with rice
This I learned from Mika, who took rice and made them into thick patties, placed a spam slice on top and then wrapped them in saran wrap to take with us to Universal Studios. Amazing. Spam nigiri!!!

Spam tip #7: Eat with kim chee
And sriracha hot sauce. And bowls of rice. This, I learned from Anna.

This list of tips is just the start of something beautiful. People eat spam in fried rice, pasta, mac & cheese, casseroles, omelets, sushi rolls, pie (...ok, maybe not pie). Although the possibilities are endless, in my humble opinion, Spam reaches its pinnacle of delightfulness on a simple bed of rice (please review tip #6 and #7).

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