Lazy Man's Dumpling Soup

The secret to lazy cooking is to gather and prepare today so that you can be a bum tomorrow. Basically, I'm talking about having a well stocked pantry with random junk you can throw together.

For example, today I'm sick (yes, again. Bad, immune system! Bad!) and lazy but I can still have a good meal in under 10 minutes with minimal clean up because I have a bunch of stored up food. Granted, you must have fresh fruit and vegetables!!! (Which I stole from my roommates. Shhh...)

But most of this stuff for the soup you can buy and store in your home. You know, like a squirrel preparing for winter. Here's the soup that saved me tonight. No pictures because of course, I am sick and lazy.

2 packages of Japanese "Instant Soup, Mutenka Iri" (see above)
Tofu, cubed (optional especially if you've got dumplings)
2 T dried seaweed
1/3 C broccoli
1 tsp soy sauce
dumplings of choice

Boil 2 C water. Add the instant soup mix and boil dumplings until floating, then add the soy sauce and tofu and seaweed. Broccoli last. Add enough packages to taste or add more water.

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