Brining Chicken Breast

This kind of method for chicken breasts is great for shredding or cubing for salads or to prepare the chicken to grill then baste with BBQ sauce.

4 C water
3 T Morton's kosher salt OR 2 T table salt

2 T sugar
Prepare 1 quart of the brine per pound of food, not to exceed 2 gallons
And marinade for 1 hour per pound of food, not to exceed 8 hours

Rinse thoroughly, pat dry, your seasonings then bake.

I sprinkled my chicken with garlic and then baked at 375 for 30 minutes. The time depends on how many pounds. Definitely check. It may look pale and pasty (mine did but I hear it's because I did not put sugar, which aids in the caramelizing and browning of the chicken), but trust will be juicy beyond belief.

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