Garden Party Cupcakes

These cupcakes were made as a goodbye present for the 4th term sisters on our team. It was a super hot day when we had our YP presentations so most of the candy melted.

A note: airheads are easy to find but really hard to work with.

Splendid church life! His green garden! He has brought us, praise the Lord!

24 standard vanilla cupcakes, baked in white paper liners
2 C chocolate frosting
2 C chocolate cookie crumbs (Oreo’s or TJ’s Joe-joes), really crush these babies to dust or spin in the food processor

1/4 C vanilla frosting
Green food coloring
1 C cornflakes

9 green fruit chews (jolly ranchers)
20 green m&m’s
Green licorice laces (Kellogg’s watermelon madness fruit streamers or the jolly ranchers in green and air heads in green)

1 vanilla fruit chew (tootsie roll, airhead)
4 red fruit chews (jolly ranchers, starbursts)

8 orange fruit chews (starbursts) OR 10 mike and ike’s
1 tsp ground cinnamon

2 tsp multicolored chocolate covered sunflower seeds or plain sunflower seeds

2 sticks mint chewing gum
3 thin pretzel sticks
1 C vanilla frosting

Place the chocolate cookie crumbs in a medium bowl. Spread the remaining chocolate frosting over the tops of the cupcakes. Starting at the edge, roll the tops of the cupcakes in the crumbs to cover completely. Arrange the cupcakes in 4 rows of 6 on a serving platter.

Now work on one vegetable at a time.

Lettuce (makes 4 lettuce cupcakes)
Line a cookie sheet with wax paper. Place the cornflakes in a small bowl. Tint the frosting with green food coloring. About 10 drops depending on how dark green you want it. Microwave the frosting, stirring frequently, until it is smooth and liquidy 5-10 seconds then pour on top of the corn flakes, toss well to coat, and spread the cornflakes onto the cookie sheet. Refrigerate until set, about 10 minutes. Cut 2 of the green fruit chews in half and shape into balls. Place 1 green ball on top of each of the 4 cupcakes (secure with a dot of green frosting) and arrange 8-12 green frosted cornflakes around the balls to make the leaves.

Radishes (makes 4 radish cupcakes)
For each radish, cut the vanilla chew into quarters. Roll 1 red fruit chew together with 1 vanilla piece, keeping the colors separate, and shape into a ball. Pinch the white end to form the radish root. Place 1 radish on top of each of the 4 cupcakes, and add several green-frosted cornflakes for the leaves.

Carrots (makes 5 carrot cupcakes)
Cut 2 of the orange fruit chews in half and shape each piece into a small carrot. Shape the remaining 6 fruit chews into 6 large carrots. Score the side of each carrot with a knife or your nail. Rub the sides of carrots with cinnamon to look freshly pulled from the garden. Use a round toothpick to make a small hole in the large end of each carrot. Cut 2 of the green fruit chews into thin strips and roll each strip between your fingers to look like carrot tops. Press 4-5 strips into the hole in the top of each carrot. Arrange the carrots, overlapping slightly, on top of the cupcakes.

Score the orange Mike and Ike’s with your nail and dip the ends in cinnamon. Follow the rest of the directions for the tops.

Peas (makes 5 pea-pod cupcakes)
Roll out each of the remaining 5 green fruit chews into a 3 by 1” oval/almond shape 1/8” thick. Press 4 green M&Ms onto one side of each oval. Fold the other side over to cover the candies slightly. Pinch the ends and place 1 pea pod on top of each of the cupcakes. Cut the green licorice laces into various lengths and arrange them around the pea pods to make the vines. You may also use some of the fruit chews and roll them between your fingers to make long thin vines and drape them over if you can’t find the candy.

Insert the pretzel end into cupcake. Cut each stick of gum into a ¾” long triangle and pinch on one side to make the shovel blades. Insert the hovel blades (gum) into the frosting on top of 2 cupcakes, scatter a few sunflower seeds around the shovels and place in the rows with radishes and lettuce.

Makes 24 cupcakes, 1 garden. Adapted from Hello, Cupcake!


sueshoe said...

SO CUTE!!! Omg, this is such amazing work; I can't believe I actually know someone now who did this! YOU! hahaha. I had seen this is a book before, but I didn't think a real live person would ever be able to recreate something so cute

Kim said...

I would like to try to make a garden. I learned the hard way to look for all ingredients. Well I have found all but the Watermelon Madness Streamers. Can you help me out on where to find, PLEASE. I even went on the Kellogg's website and they are not there either. Please HELP

dianaeggplant said...

I'm sorry for the late response, Kim! I didn't use Watermelon Madness streamers either. Instead I used the soft jolly ranchers and the airheads in green and rolled them into thin ropes and coiled them over the cupcakes. Hope that helps.