My Favorite Veggies as a Kid

I forget the name of this vegetable, but it's not bitter, the stalks are little thin straws and the top is dark and leafy...Whatever it is, you can buy it in a bunch in all the asian supermarkets. My dad and I washed the whole thing, cut it up in 2" segments. Heat a large pot with a little oil, add the smashed garlic (used 3-4 cloves) and heated until fragrant. Add the stems of the vegetable first to soften until bright green and almost ready to eat (i.e. soft yet with some crunch) and then added the rest of the vegetable. Add a little bit of water (my dad adds a lot to make a soup/sauce). Cover and allow to steam down. Season with salt.


MC said...

I just did some googling and apparently they're normally translated as "water spinach."

moonbirdliz said...

Diana! This is a vegetable that I loved and ate all of the time as a kid, too! I believe it's a type of Asian water spinach, and in Vietnamese we call it rau muong. Oh HEY... I just found it on wikipedia:

Thanks for allowing me to reminisce on this veggie! I love it! <3

dianaeggplant said...

hehe I love the response this humble veggie produces!