Childhood Chinese Pork Meatball Soup

When we were little, our dad used to make soup with these meatballs and stab chopsticks into them. My sisters and I would run around with meat on sticks, munching as we played. Not much has changed since then, except for maybe the running part.

There were a few years when I went to college that I didn't know which meatball my dad used. I went through packages and packages...was it fish? (I wanted that white color.) Pork? (I wanted that flavor.) One day, eureka! To me, this brand with the disturbingly happy pink pig is the best--great bite, no weird muscles or tendon interfering with the texture, just smooth, pure pork. Boil the celery until just heated, but not cooked--it should still be crunchy. Then add the meatballs. Garnish with cilantro and green onions and serve hot.
Cilantro, less than a handful
Chicken broth, the whole can is okay.
2-3 stalks of celery, chopped
Green onions 1-2 stalks, sliced
Flamingo Brand Meat Balls:

Oh yes, my darling pink are the one.

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