Moran Peanut Butter Candy

First made their appearance in care packages for our team..not a frozen treat, but does taste best straight out of the freezer. Melts in your mouth, creamy, sweet, peanut buttery goodness. A Moran family tradition! Thank you, Grandma Moran and Tracey!
1 can evaporated milk
powdered sugar
peanut butter (unsweetened, natural gets runny)
No measurements; it's an add as you go and look at it sort of recipe. You want to add just enough evaporated milk to the powdered sugar so that after it is kneaded together, it produces a soft, sticky, shiny ball. Not crumbly, nor this:
You want to roll it out on wax paper until maybe 1/8" thick? Maybe a little thicker. Then spread the peanut butter on top. Then you gotta roll it up:

Press down as you roll to get rid of gaps.

After rolled, freeze for maybe 15 minutes until hard enough so that it won't fall apart, but not so soft that it squishes. Cut little pinwheels, lay out and freeze until completely set. Keep cold, preferably frozen until serving.

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