How to Use a Plastic Coffee Cone Drip

What you need:
Your favorite mug
One #2 Paper filter, unbleached is nice (unlike the one in the photo)
Plastic Coffee Cone Filter (Bought mine $2.99 with a mug at a grocery store. $1.50 at Daiso)
Fresh whole coffee beans
Measuring cup to measure out at least 6 oz of water
  1. Boil water (start with more than 8 oz.)
  2. Grind enough coffee to have approximately 2 T per 6 oz of water
  3. Pour hot water through the filter so that the paper filter is saturated and discard the water.
  4. Place the plastic cone on top of your mug and spoon 2 T of grounds inside cone filter
  5. Add some water, stir a little and watch it bloom! This means it's fresh coffee.
  6. Add more hot water and stir stir stir
  7. Wait until all the water has passed through. Then it's read to drink!
Makes 1 6oz cup of coffee

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