Exciting Goodies from the 35th Winter Fancy Food Show

Golden Star Tea Co.
White Jasmine Sparkling Tea. I was shocked because the flavor was so unique--cool, light, refreshing, barely sweet, complex flavors, bright, hints of flowers. Basically awesome. Reminiscent of champagne, but virtually non-alcoholic. Its packaging is classy and clean. Beautiful for a nice dinner party or as a gift for someone.

Instant noodles that aren't deep fried but steamed and then dried. Made with Moroheiya, a super vegetable. Pretty tasty. Connected to a cafe/restaurant called Eon Coffee that's around the area. I want to go sometime.

Black Garlic
So unique. Still leaves the garlic breath in you, but is fermented to produce a mellow, round flavor a lot like what roasting would do, but with a dramatic blackness, a molasses flavor and a little more bite to it than roasting. Very interesting. They gave us samples of their black garlic in liquid form that they say is great for marinating. I'm going to try it!

John Kehoe--I will definitely remember you and TCHO when I start my business. This man was so kind, warm and approachable. My first impressions were uplifted even higher after going to their site and learning more about their goals to develop technology for the perfect cacao bean by starting with the source of the beans with the local farmers. There was so much behind this company beyond their super cool techie themed graphics and designs. Two chocolate covered thumbs up to you all.

Pearl River Pastry and Chocolate
2" chocolate truffle cake was velvety smooth and rich and the 6" Florentine Tart, chewy and caramel-y with hearty whole walnuts and a chocolate drizzle. So good, no wonder they were on the Fancy Food Show's segment on Organic foods. Their website is not very inviting, but their products are excellent, at least the two that I tried.

East & West Gourmet Afghan Food
Bolani, kind of like a thin wheat lavosh bread sandwiching spinach. Much, much better when heated on the pan. Mmm...I've never had Afghan food, but now I want to eat much much more of it. The gentlemen were very nice and generous. I hope they do well in the future.

Chocolate paired with wine is no new thing, but this company makes it so easy for beginners to experience it on their own! Little descriptions, wine suggestions, even a lovely gift set with a chocolate cutting board (much like for cheeses). Also very wonderful and kind people here.

J&D's Bacon Flavored Everything
HAHAHA They had everything in bacon, from their mayo, salt, popcorn, ranch, to envelopes! Vegetarian and Kosher...Bacon flavor? Love it.


sueshoe said...

ooo i really want to try the golden star tea co jasmine sparkling tea, mmm. i will be making a trip to whole foods tomorrow.

dianaeggplant said...

lemme know how much they cost! i'm going to make a trip to whole foods to get a bottle too. hey. golden star, where's my commission??