Larger than Life Food

The only thing better than edible food is either adorable miniature food or:

Vicky: "Oh I want to be an Oscar Meyer wiener, then everyone would be in love with me!
...Oh, that's really sad." Gilroy, CA 1.2010

Notice the crowd of people behind my mom--they're lining up to eat at a food truck in the shape of a giant metal pig wearing sunglasses in Seattle, WA 7.2009

California Adventure, 3.2007

That's an Easter egg made entirely of white chocolate from Chuao Chocolatier, 4.2007

World's largest "asparagus" in Tucson, AZ 11.2007

Look at the size of that vegetable we saw in Taiwan! 2.2006

Breakfast of pancakes in the sky with Susan Mun, 11.2007

Del Mar Fair, 7.2006

Record Catch at California Adventure, 4.2008

I like to think that Daphne is a younger, brighter, lovelier version of me yet with similar interests in life. Can you tell? 12.2009

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