Nestle Nescau 2.0 do Brasil

I didn't get a chance to buy souvenirs from Brazil, BUT! I did find a grocery store in Anaheim that sells South American groceries for all my gift giving needs. The selection is limited, but for a small place it had most of what I was looking for: Mandioca flour, South American sausages, guava, coffee (outrageously priced in the states, by the way), chocolate bon bons, and something I wasn't looking for but was surprised to see...Nestle's Nescau 2.0.

I drank this occasionally with coffee as my morning "mocha", but frequently saw it in homes in NW Brazil, in restaurants and hotels. I thought I'd re-create my breakfast drink sans coffee, but with milk as it's suggested. Pronouncedly and heavily sweet like condensed milk (nothing new as far as Brazilian sweets go) with a slight lingering vitamin aftertaste. Like a Brazilian Ovaltine. Not something I would buy again for the taste, but definitely for the memories. Ahh...Brazil.

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