I love Rancho Gordo Beans

This may seem like a paid advertisement for Rancho Gordo, but I love everything about Rancho Gordo--their vintage graphics, Steve Sando's genuine story behind the bean, and especially the adorable beans themselves! I am no bean expert, but BAHH!!! So cute!!! Just look:

Vaquero Beans
Little cow beans! What more do I have to say?!

Firm interior and holds shape even after cooked. Cooked up a little red onion, carrots and garlic and boiled with the presoaked beans for a light soup. Ok. Now I don't have anything more to say about these beans.

Good Mother Stallard Beans
Beautiful mottled burgundy and cream. A creamier, sweeter bean and still oh so lovely in its cooked brownish pink stage.

I first used these in making a fakey feijoiada. I think better on its own without the sausage. I also made a bean salad out of them too!

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