Quickie "Carbonara"

I can't believe I never thought carbonara sounded appetizing enough to try before. What was I thinking!? I love starch and cholesterol combos! Mmm...the ol' American sunny side egg with toast, the Korean egg-rice bibimbap, the Chinese egg-y noodle. And now I've experienced the yolky egg as pasta sauce! Geniuses, those Italians* are.

It took "my laziness" + "Karen Chen" + "a long day of...the beach? Watching Snoopy cartoons? Hmm...what were we doing??" = the need for a tasty dinner that would require minimal effort. As in, I could even make it with my left foot without spraining my toes if I wanted to. She assured me that it was easy, and it really was!**
Spaghetti, prepared al dente according to package for 1
Olive Oil
1/2 medium onion, sliced
1 egg
salt & pepper to taste
Heat oil and over medium low heat, cook the onions until brown and soft. Add the cooked noodles and after heating a few minutes, crack the egg into the pan. Stir quickly to coat the noodles in the egg and allow to cook slightly. Remove from heat and sprinkle cheese and season with salt and pepper to taste. You can also prepare the egg sunny side up and then serve on top of the noodles, breaking up the egg directly on your plate, which would reduce the amount of pan cleanup.

Serves 1

*Disclaimer: this recipe is not authentic Italian by any means.
**Please do not attempt to make with left foot.

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