Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Cake

My first ice cream cake and definitely not my last. As Marisa would sing: Ice cream and CAKE and CAKE! ICE CREAM AND CAKE!!
Chocolate cake from the black bottom cupcakes recipe: follow the recipe except pour batter into a spring-form pan, bake for 30-35 minutes
1 quart of mint chocolate chip ice cream (I used Dreyer's Thin Mint)
1 quart of vanilla ice cream, as white as you can get (I used Breyer's)
Allow the cake to cool completely, remove from the spring form pan and cut in half. Place the spring form pan on your serving platter and layer cake on the bottom.

To get the ice cream to the right consistency, do not microwave it as some recipes suggest. The best way is to scoop the ice cream into a bowl and mash it with a wooden spoon until it's spreadable. Spread one layer of ice cream (I did one layer of vanilla first). Place in the freezer and allow the ice cream to harden a bit (maybe 15 minutes) before spreading another layer.

Do another layer of ice cream and then press the second layer of cake before returning to freezer.

While the cake is in the freezer, use vanilla ice cream beaten with a wooden spoon as the "frosting". When it's ready and the cake is cold enough to come out, remove the springform pan from the cake and "frost" the cake with vanilla. You may have to periodically put the whole cake in the freezer while you work with smaller batches of the "frosting".

When the cake is done, return to freezer again before serving.

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