Danbing (danping) = Taiwanese Egg Pancakes

When my grandma would make this for us kids, I never knew it was a legit Taiwanese dish. Like, they sell it in the night markets! Wha?! And all this time, I thought my relatives were just being creative with their fusion cuisine. Nope. This is the food of my people. (And I'm not talking about Green Max instant mixes, Jonathan McNutt.)

With the optional ingredients, it becomes like an eggy wrap sandwich. I'm not used to all that stuff in it, but Phoebe tells me it's popular to order these with ham, corn, etc.
Flour tortilla (my choice is Trader Joe's)
1 egg
1 stalk of green onion, chopped
Soy sauce
Sliced tomatoes
Cheese of your choice
Heat up your pan and lightly oil it. While it's warming up, whisk together the egg and as much green onions you want. I'm pretty generous with it. Whisk whisk whisk then pour into the pan. Tilt the pan to even out the egg and quickly put a tortilla over it. Lightly press down to make sure the egg coats the bottom of the tortilla. Allow it to cook all the way through, then flip and cook until this side of the tortilla gets warmed up. I like it when the tortilla gets crisp with bubbly golden pockets. You can then fold this up with a dash of salt and serve with soy sauce OR you can fill it with all your goodies and then fold.

Makes 1

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