Honey Candied Pecans

An elegant yet quick and simple addition to salads or desserts. I think they'd also be great at a fall afternoon picnic by a lake served with Pescadero goat cheese, crusty french bread and crisp red grapes. Or perhaps spiced and served with hot rooibos tea by a fireside. Or...possibly the best straight out of my pocket.
Unsalted pecans
First heat a pan (cast-iron is my choice) on medium-low heat. Toast the nuts until lightly browned, the pecans will seem to sizzle a little. Drizzle lightly with the honey and toss in the pan then sprinkle a pinch of sugar over it. You can always add cinnamon or a spice of your choice and salt (optional). Heat until the sugar caramelizes but don't let the nuts burn!

Once the honey begins to sizzle a little too, distribute the nuts onto waxed paper and allow to cool. Break apart into pieces with your hand and you're ready to go.

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