Dinner a la Rhonda Kellar

When I started UCSD, Vicky prayed for me often and connected with a few San Diego sisters in hopes that I would get connected with them. Of course, this never happened until much later since all I ever did my freshman year was sleep, eat, and occasionally go to class. Who knows what happened that year of my life ... (Hah! I sure don't!)

Vicky eventually met Sandy (Wijaya at the time) at a college conference. How I ended up meeting Sandy is a hilarious story for another time, but my point is that Sandy brought me to some of my first home gatherings in SD. First it was dinner with Steve and Francine, then dinner with Rhonda.

I was just thinking about Rhonda and her fabulous meal of "Cool Coleslaw" (that's the name we came up with that night) and "Easy Cranberry Chicken". I remember ooh-ing and ahh-ing and the sisters making fun of me for vocally enjoying all the cherishing in food form.

That was a really sweet time for me to be with the sisters around a table, eating and talking and just enjoying the Christ in one another. It definitely propelled me into the reality of the meeting-home-to-home-Church-life. In the same way Rhonda cooked that dinner, I cooked a similar dinner for Yvonne & the roomies tonight! See how contagious caring is?

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