Susanne's Super Scavenger Search Spectacular!

What a FANTASTIC ADVENTURE!! I can't even begin to describe how awesome Susanne's treasure hunt was. All the twists and turns and unexpected surprises! It was was like...THE AMAZING RACE!

I was so excited from beginning to end, I ran all over the house clapping and giggling the whole way through. Anna, who was in her room must have thought I was crazy. Or at least crazier than usual. So much thought and care and all the treats! It was the bestest Valentine's gift EVER!!

But wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the very beginning.

After class, I notice I have a text message:

What is this?! Susanne and I had talked about doing a treasure hunt, but I always thought we'd do it together for someone else. But alas! 'Twas for little old me! I usually go through the garage door, but I decide to follow the instructions and I am greeted with:

Teeheehee! That was an awesome treasure hunt! I think it is over, but inside the bag on top of a tasty coconut bun there is a note:

This is great! Very James Bond-esque. I am on a secret mission! After nibbling on the corner, I realize it's in the center, wrapped with foil. There is no time to eat anymore, I have to get to the next clue!!:

It says:
"This is a little quest
For a roomie who's simply the best
She's my companion in the Lord
And with her I'm never bored.
She makes me laugh till I cry,
My, how the time does fly!
Some nights we read
A book on how to feed.
The Lord is tasty and we're learning,
We just need to keep turning!
In this book among the print
You might just find your next hint!"

I KNOW!! Sprinting upstairs to grab the book we've been reading, How to Enjoy God and How to Practice the Enjoyment of God...but is it in her book or mine? I try mine first and there is the next clue:

HAHAHA There is only one girl fun enough for a fro...ANNA!!! Down the stairs I race...

Taped behind the frame!! I wonder how long that had been there...There is another hilarious rhyme that leads me to my next clue:

The rice bin!!

Inside the cute baggie is tasty coconut crackers, an adorable chubby pig of bath soap and a little note. Aww...that was a great treasure hunt, I think to myself as I unfold the note...but...wait, what is this? This isn't a note saying "Congrats you made it"! It's another clue that says:

"For this one, you have to listen to track #2 on the CD in the CD player in the TV room. Fill in the blanks and put together the highlighted letters for your next clue!"

I quickly turn on the CD player and listen. La cancion es en Espanol?!! Dios mio! Que horrible! I uh...can't figure out 2 of the words but decipher the code:
IN GUI_ _R...Ah-ha!

A note inside? How did I miss this the first time I ran upstairs? And flowers? Aww...The last time I got flowers was last Valentine's Day from some jerk.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Yes, this is an embarrassing truth. My mom...she likes the CLOSET....AHEM.

This takes me some time. I first look through my drawers and jewelry before I turn around and see the Shrimp Chips hanging out with my clothes. HAHA! The next clue:

"Take a dip" Oh, dear...oh not the spa...the spa that nobody has been in for almost 2 years. Ughhh!!!! NOOOO.....but she encourages, "don't be meek"...

There it is, sitting there, staring and mocking me...I MUST DO IT!!!

Precariously lift the lid....hmm..Not too bad. Maybe I should clean this hot tub up so we can start...There's no time for this! Running back inside, I pry open the tupperware:

"For this one you have to watch the movie on my computer...Answer the questions and unscramble the letters to find your next clue!"

Oooh...a movie?

NO! A MOVIE! EN ESPANOL TAMBIEN! Pero esta bien--yo comprendo la palabra, telefono y la computadora me ayuda...con algo me gusta se internet!

The letters I come up with are: E F D R I G = FRIDGE! I look on the top shelves and can't find anything! Then I look below...


What a great ending to a great hunt. I immediately cracked it open and drank it. I needed it! I was pretty thirsty from running all over the house.


**The blog you have just read was solely a reenactment and does not fully display the original and beautiful wrapping of Susanne's treasure hunt. Neither does it express the true excitement of the hunter, who was running so fast and munching on the treats so much that if the photos were taken in real time, you would only have pictures of blurry crumbs and pretty much nothing else.

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